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How to set up a Blogger Mastermind

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How to set up a Blogger Mastermind

Setting up a blogger mastermind has been the single greatest thing I have done for my blog. The support, accountability and advice I have been given in these Blogger Mastermind meetings has been incredible. Without the never ending cheerleading from my Mastermind group, I would never have launched my brand and this blog, SineadSocial.

If you have ever struggled with blogging, or at times find it lonely – you need to invest the time and create a Mastermind group. Your blog will thank you!

What is a Blogger Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups are more associated with business, but definitely have a place in the blogging world. Basically a Mastermind group is the coming together of people that have a similar goal and want to commit to the achievement of that goal. In a Blogger Mastermind group, this goal could be to increase views, grow your social media accounts, become more consistent blogging or even to launch a product.

Benefits of a Blogger Mastermind Group

Brainstorm – With fellow bloggers, you can exchange ideas and strategies. It’s amazing what other ideas people will come up with that you might have missed.

Learn from others – With your combined skills and strengths, you can share what you each know to help the group grow and thrive.

Accountability – If you are a solo blogger, it can feel very lonely. All those hours sitting in front of your laptop, trying to write. A regular Mastermind meet-up can give you the social aspect that solo blogging lacks.

Instant feedback – When you are with your Mastermind group you can get instant feedback on your ideas. It can be disheartening if you reach out to readers for feedback and they don’t reply. At least now you will have feedback to work on

How to set up a Blogger Mastermind Group?

There are a few ways to set up a Blogger Mastermind group. I’ve been running one for the past year so I’ll show you how I did it, and give you a few other options.

Find your tribe!

So my first tip to setting up a Blogger Mastermind is to check out relevant Facebook groups for other bloggers that want to meet up regularly.

I am a member of a Facebook group that helps women in my city to make new friends. You simply post up an event on the group and other women can join you and you can meet in real life.

Back in August 2015, I posted up an event in the group saying I wanted to meet other bloggers. It was nothing fancy, just asking other bloggers to meet me in the local Starbucks at 6pm on a Tuesday. About 10 women RSVP’d to the event. I remember going to Starbucks that evening and was convinced nobody was going to show. I had brought a book with me so at least if nobody did show, I had something to do. But to my great relief, two girls showed up. And that was the beginning of my Mastermind!

Every Tuesday evening after that we would meet in our local coffee shop and talk blogging. Eventually the group grew to have seven members. They were all bloggers from different niches. Some had been blogging for a while, others were complete newbies. But the most important thing was that everyone was enthusiastic and wanted to grow their blog.

If there are local blogging networks that you are a member of on Facebook, they are the best place to start. is another website where you could post up an event to meet other bloggers. Or if you go to a Blogging/Social Media conference, start networking and gage any interest from other attendees if they would like to start a regular meet up to help them reach their blogging goals.

How does a Blogger Mastermind work?

Masterminds tend to be run in two different ways.


This is where one person chairs the meet-up and gives every participant a chance to talk about their blog. If I am running a structured Mastermind I tend to set a timer and give everyone 10 minutes to talk about whatever they want. In a Mastermind it can be easy for one person to dominate the conversation. By having a timer, it allows everyone a chance to speak and be heard. Also 10 minute discussions allow participants to deep dive on a topic without getting sidetracked.

It’s up to the Chair to make sure that people are focusing on the topic for discussion and not letting the topic be hijacked. Not everyone has to speak for the 10 minutes, but they always have the option. After everyone has had a chance to speak, you can allow the conversation to free flow or else go back to a topic that might not have been totally resolved during its segment.

To get the most out of this Mastermind you can have members prepare 3 things before the meet-up.

1. What’s going really well for their blog at the moment? What wins can they celebrate?
2. What are they really struggling with? What do they need help with?
3. What tool or resource are they loving at the moment that might help others in the group?

If you have these things prepared before the meet-up, it can prevent people from showing up to the Mastermind with nothing to say

I recommend this kind of Mastermind for larger groups (4+) as the meeting can easily go off-topic or break off conversations can occur. A timer helps keep the conversation focused.

Free flow

This is a more relaxed Mastermind meeting where people meet and just chat about their blogs. There is no chair and no timer. It’s up to each Blogger to make their voice and opinion heard.

This Mastermind is perfect for smaller groups. It allows conversation to develop and is excellent for brainstorming and creativity.


Whichever way you decide to run your Blogger Mastermind, there is one aspect that you should always incorporate. Make sure everyone sets a goal for the next meet-up. The goal could be to write one blog post, set up a new social media account, complete an online course, run a competition on their Facebook page etc. Whatever the goal is, write them down and have regular check-ins before the next Mastermind so that everyone is held accountable. This accountability can be invaluable when the temptation to procrastinate hits you. Do you really want to be the only one in your Mastermind group not to reach their goal this month?

To support the Mastermind between meet-ups, you can have a private Facebook group or a WhatsApp group where members can regularly check in. This provides everyone in the group with a constant support system and make solo blogging less lonely.

So, are you going to set up a Blogger Mastermind group? If you do, let me know how you get on! Are you already part of a Mastermind? Tell me your experience of Mastermind Groups in the comments below.

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Edel Hughes December 4, 2016 at 10:12 pm

Our Mastermind meetings have definitely given me a lot more confidence in myself as a blogger. Before I sometimes sat around thinking “maybe this post isn’t good enough” or “I don’t have enough followers” etc. Going to the meet-ups gave me a new perspective, I usually come away inspired to write something because of the energy and good vibes in the group!

Sinead Noonan December 4, 2016 at 10:37 pm

You’re right! The mastermind meetings have given us all way more confidence as bloggers. I love that we are able to celebrate each others wins. So motivating!


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