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Gift Guide for Bloggers

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Gift Guide for Bloggers

Is there a blogger in your life that you want to buy something for this Christmas? Not sure what they might need? This gift guide should give you some ideas on what to buy for the blogger you love! Or maybe you blog and you’ve decided that now is time to ‘treat yo self!’

For the blogger that…needs coffee to blog!

Little Miss Blogger mug

There are some bloggers that can’t write a single word before they’ve had a mug of coffee. This is the perfect present to get them in the writing mood as they sip on their much needed caffeine.

For the blogger that…loves to meet new people!

Ticket to a Blogging Conference or Workshop

Blogging can be a lonely endeavour. All of us need a little inspiration from other bloggers, and a ticket to a Blogging event can be just the boost of motivation we need. For my Irish readers, might I suggest the Content Academy’s Social Media and Blogging Workshop. The event is on the 25th February and tickets are currently priced at €39. I’ve bought a ticket and can’t wait!

For the blogger that…needs to be organised!

Wall Planner

I’m a firm believer of the saying, ‘what gets scheduled gets done!’ I love planning out my posts a couple of months in advance so I can identify themes and see where I need to concentrate. Having a wall planner by your desk can help give you the motivation you need to start writing. Plus this planner is almost a work of art, so is the perfect background for those Instagram desk shots.

For the blogger that…is going places!

Business cards

In this social media age, business cards might seem like relics from a previous time. But they are still useful when, as a blogger you are at events. When wifi is unreliable, it’s often easier just to give a card with all of your social media handles on it. So a voucher for some professional printing might be the perfect gift!

For the blogger that…loves stationery!

Blogger Journal

As a self-confessed stationery lover, nothing makes me happier than a new planner. The possibility! The crisp white pages! All those great ideas I’m definitely going to have because of this planner! This planner is made specially for bloggers and includes pages for planning posts, an editorial calendar, weekly organiser and somewhere to keep all your blogging financial transactions. An excellent present for any blogger!

For the blogger that…loves to be cosy as they blog!

Customisable Pyjama Set

I’ve encountered quite a few bloggers that love to write while in bed. Personally, I need to be sitting at a desk to get any blogging done, but if you (or the blogger you love) feel most creative…ahem…in bed, pyjamas might be the way to go.

For the blogger that…blogs on the go!


Trying to grow a blogging empire on an almost empty phone battery just doesn’t work. Bloggers like me have their phones pretty much attached to them 24/7. So we always need powerbanks no matter where we go. You can pick up cheap powerbanks in shops like Primark and TX Maxx. Though if you want to buy a more powerful powerbank, check out these recommendations.

For the blogger that…needs focus!


This is a tool that I absolutely love and have happily paid for it over the past year. Focus@Will is a service that combines neuroscience and music to boost your productivity and tune out distractions. It plays music that is designed to keep you focused as you write. And it actually works! I’m a big fan and have definitely noticed a difference when I write with Focus@will playing.

For the blogger that…wants to podcast!


For any blogger that wants to enter into the world of podcasting, having a good microphone is key. There are so many great podcasts out there, so people won’t settle for poor audio quality. Buying a good microphone will give your podcast a boost and you can also use it for audio for any videos you shoot.

For the blogger that…is starting out!

The Million Dollar Blog

When you are a blogging newbie everything can feel so overwhelming. There are so many things to master. This book breaks down how to run a successful blog and has many inspiring interviews with bloggers that give you a glimpse into their blogging journey. This is the perfect present for the blogger that wants to be inspired to create their own blogging brand.

For the blogger that…wants to create amazing content!

Everybody Writes

This book is perfect for the blogger that wants to take their content creation to the next level. This book shows you how to turn your blog posts into content your readers want to read. And it also shows you how to sell on your blog without being salesy. Just what the blogger who wants to attract customers needs.

For the blogger that…never leaves their house without their camera!

Camera bag

Some bloggers pride themselves on the photograph on their blog. They go out into the wild and capture some stunning photos! If you know a blogger that carries their camera everywhere, chances are they need a durable but practical camera bag. These bags are gorgeous and perfect for taking your camera with you no matter where you go!

For the blogger that…needs daily inspiration!

Phone Case

Let’s face it, we all need a daily kick in the ass to get work done on our blog. Every time you see this phone case, you’ll get the motivation you need to get shit done! What could be more inspirational?

For the blogger that…needs to relax!

Focus candle

I like having a little routine before I start blogging. I have certain music I like to listen to, a cup of Earl Grey tea beside me and I light a scented candle. Having this routine gets me into the writing mood. So having a candle that helps you relax and focus on your writing could be the perfect addition to your blogging routine.

For the blogger that…is always taking selfies!

Lumee phone case

Perfect lighting is essential to nailing a great selfie pic. Now with the Lumee phone case, no matter where you are you can take a great selfie. Some may say a product like this is a little vain, but when your blog is your brand – you always gotta look your best!

For the blogger that…is super creative!

Doodle Zen

Sometimes you just can’t look at a computer screen anymore and need a break. This is the perfect solution. It’s a book that you fill up with your doodles and drawings. It gives you both prompts and blank pages for you to fill with your creations. So don’t let your blog drive you crazy, stay calm and doodle for a bit!

None of the links in this gift guide are affiliate links. Nor have I been paid to recommend anything on this gift guide.These are products I recommend because I love them or think they make the perfect present.

Are there any gifts you think would help a blogger? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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Edel Hughes December 15, 2016 at 7:45 pm

I always need coffee when blogging! I like the pyjamas also as I’m always blogging from bed 😛

Sinead Noonan December 15, 2016 at 7:56 pm

I love the coffee mug too!


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