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Crafting your About Page

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When new visitors land on your site, one of the first things they do is head straight to your ‘About Page’ so they can get a feel for who you are and what your blog is about. But the biggest mistake bloggers make is making their ‘About Pages’ all about themselves. It’s actually about your reader and what you can give to them, how you are able to help them. Because this is what will make those readers come back to you and read your blog again. So here are some ways to make your About Page stand out from all those other blogs!

Crafting a great About Page

The elements of a great About Page

I think that there are 10 elements that make your ‘About Page’ stand out and be memorable. By keeping these elements in mind as you write your ‘About Page’, it should be easy to create an ‘About Page’ that you love and is a good reflection on you as a blogger and even brand!

Tell them why they’ve come to the right place

Your first couple of sentences on your ‘About Page’ should let your readers know what your blog is about and why your blog should become part of their essential reading. The goal is always to get new readers to return to your site, so now is your chance to make an impression. If they feel compelled by your content and interested in what you have to say – they will come back.

When a new visitor to your site reaches your ‘About Page’, it’s helpful to explain in a few sentences what it is exactly that your blog will bring to their life. If you are speaking their language, talking about the things that matter to them – you are going to turn them into a regular reader. So it might be helpful to rename the ‘About Page’ in your head, as the ‘About Them Page’.

Explain who you are

It’s human nature to want to create a connection with people. By putting a human face and story to your blog, you are letting people make that connection with you. You don’t have to share your life story on your ‘About Page’ but it can be helpful to share tidbits about yourself and why you created your blog and how it fits into your life. For example, maybe you are a mommy-blogger, sharing something about your life as a mother and family can help create a connection with your audience.

Show them why you are unique

There’s a pretty good chance that your blog is not the only beauty/fashion/lifestyle/recipe/health (insert your blog topic here) on the internet. So it’s important to show visitors why your blog is different. It might be your personality, how you research and test things, your life experiences – whatever it is that makes your blog unique. By standing out from all your ‘competitors’, it increases the chances that people will remember your blog.

Tell them what your core message is

All blogs have a core message. For example, maybe you are weight loss blog and your core message is that you can lose weight without counting calories. This is something that you should highlight on your ‘about page’. On SineadSocial my core message is that I can help part-time bloggers looks like they are full-time bloggers by simply implementing easy systems as they blog, and I emphasize this on my ‘About Page‘.

Consider your audience’s questions/issues

As I’ve already said, this page is more about your audience than it is about you. It might sound counterintuitive but, it’s the reality. When you are writing your ‘About Page’, it is useful to think about the questions and worries your audience might have and what made them click onto your website.
Asking yourself the following questions should give you a good insight into what your reader is thinking.

  • Explain the emotion your reader is feeling right now – (excited, confused, sad, helpless, bored, inspired)
  • What do they want most right now?
  • What are they trying to do but can’t?
  • What’s stopping them?
  • How can you help them?
  • How do you understand what they’re going through?

Tell them where to start

When a new visitor lands on your site, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You’ll have lots of categories and tags on your site for them to discover, so it’s helpful to use your ‘About Page’ to try and steer them where you want them to go. I do recommend having a ‘Start Here’ page which outlines exactly the best places for readers to find the information they want to read. But I would also include a few links to other content on your site on your ‘About Page’ that visitors might find interesting, just in case they missed your ‘Start Here’ page.

Give them a call to action

It’s important that at the end of your ‘about page’, you have a call to action. This might be asking them to like your Facebook Page, subscribe to your Youtube channel, follow you on Instagram – whichever social media platform you are trying to grow. But only ask them to do one. If you give people too many choices, they’ll be too overwhelmed and do none of them.

For me, the most important call to action you can have is to get people to sign up to your email list. This is where you get unfiltered access to people. But give them an incentive to sign up to your email list. Maybe give them a free gift or download. When I hear bloggers say ‘hey subscribe to my email list’ or ‘subscribe to my newsletter’, I ignore it because it’s not clear what the benefit is for me to do so. Always give people something that they know is of real value.

Make it easy to contact you

The whole reason you are trying to grow an audience is so that you can interact with them. It’s key that you make it easy to contact you. Have links to the various social media platforms that you are active on, as well as giving your email address. Ideally, if you have some kind of contact form on your ‘About Page’, that makes it easy for people to reach out and make contact straight away.

Have photos and video on the page

An easy way to make a connection with a new visitor on your site is to have a welcome video on your ‘About Page’. Having a short, direct to camera video that welcomes people to your site and explains who you are can help create a bond between you and the visitor. Video is the best way to give people a sense of who you are and whether they can relate to you. If your goal is to nurture a loyal audience, this starting point can help attract your ideal audience. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe!

Also, a few photos help to break up the text of the page and allows you to inject some personality. This is all vital for the brand-building of your blog.

Create personalized ‘About Pages’.

If you are feeling really on top of your game, you could create personalized ‘About Pages’. So what does this mean? Well on most of your social media platforms you probably have a link to your site. If this is how a lot of new people find you, why not personalize the experience when they click the link? This means having an ‘About Page’ that people land on from Twitter, an ‘About Page’ that people find from your Instagram profile etc.

What makes this powerful is that you can have video or text that says ‘Hey, thanks for coming from Instagram and visiting my site – I love Instagram too!!’ etc. It also lets you tailor the content that you think the audience from these social media platforms would find most interesting. So if you have a health and beauty blog and most of your Twitter followers are into the makeup part and your Instagram followers love your fitness content, this can be reflected in the personalized ‘About Page’ where you focus on the aspects that they would find interesting. Like I said before, your ‘About Page’ is all about your audience and what they would find engaging.

So what do you think makes a good ‘About Page’? Are you going to make any changes to yours after reading this? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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