About me

Do you want to go from being a part-time blogger to a full-time influencer?

Well, you’re in luck – because that’s exactly what I help bloggers to do!


It happens to us all. We get hit by inspiration and decide to start a new blog. We fill our new shiny blog with lots of amazing posts for the first couple of weeks, but eventually, we start to get frustrated.

Is anyone actually reading our blog? Do I sound stupid? How do I find the time to write? Why can’t I get more followers? Why is it so hard to come up with new stuff to post regularly? ARGH!?!?! So over time you lose interest and abandon your blog.

Don’t worry, I’m here to stop this from happening!




I’m Sinead and I’m a blogger just like you. I’ve gone through all the struggles you have when it comes to blogging.

It can be lonely when you’re a blogger. You’re the content creator, the designer, editor, social media manager and PR person all rolled into one! And you have to do all of that while keeping a perfectly curated Instagram page. It’s easy to let it all get on top of you.

But my job to you is to help you break it all down into easy steps and help you create your dream blog and brand that you’ve always wanted to achieve. It might not happen overnight, but you don’t have to do this all on your own. I’ll be here throughout your journey to help you become the blogger you dreamed you’d be when you wrote your very first blog post.

So a little about me! I’ve three passions in life – blogging, books and booze. Seriously, on a Sunday night it’s fairly likely that you’ll find me curled up with a book about productivity or some other personal development topic and a glass of wine in my hand. While some people start their day with yoga, I’m checking my favourite blogs to see what new posts I can read. I’m a librarian by day, so there is literally no question I can’t find the answer to – it’s my job!

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world let me know as I organise a monthly blogger meet-up for both newbie and experienced bloggers. Spending my Saturday morning drinking Chai Lattes, meeting new people and talking about blogging – that makes me very happy!

So if you are having a blogging crisis – give me a shout below and I’ll see how I can help!



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